Why is motivation important in the workplace?

Motivation in the workplace

Having motivated employees in your organisation is invaluable. Motivated employees correlate with an organisation’s success.

Are the members of your organisation well-motivated? Did you know that motivated employees have a significant impact on the overall organisation’s success?

Motivation can be contagious; if one employee is seen to be optimistic and engaged at work, morale will lift, spreading and circulating within the team.

To fully understand the significance of motivation, we have come up with four (4) reasons why it should be a priority and its invaluable impact in the workplace:

“Motivation is the fuel that propels us forward, igniting our passions and driving us to pursue our dreams with unwavering determination.”

– Unknown

1. Increased innovation: an essential factor for a company’s capability to innovate is the motivation of its people. Innovation is vital for sustaining and nurturing an organisation over the long term; therefore, fostering creativity and motivation in your workplace is critical. 

2. Increased engagement: employee motivation and engagement are intrinsically linked. Employees who feel motivated at work are more likely to work harder for the company. Motivation plus engagement is a proven successful combination if you aspire to be the employer of choice. 

3. Increased productivity: employee motivation levels directly impact productivity. Motivated and engaged employees will work harder and fulfill their responsibilities to the highest standard.

4. Higher retention rate: motivated, engaged, and productive employees will have a higher chance of staying in the organisation because they feel safe, happy, and content. Several criteria need to be met, such as finding their role exciting and challenging, having the opportunity for development, having a good leader, and being motivated. 


Motivation acts as a catalyst for success. It is the driving force that employees need to feel to show up to work every day, do their tasks, and accomplish them with the best quality.

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